Print free coloring drawings

Coloring is very important for children’s development because it is part of awakening activities that allow the child to explore the world around him, to discover his senses, and to grow in a healthy way.

Coloring is a great activity that provides beautiful moments of relaxation. It helps to keep children calm during rest, travel and holidays. Adult coloring is also a soothing and rejuvenating activity, offering a zen moment in our hectic lives. But where to get simple coloring for children, or more elaborate for adults? Of course, there are beautiful coloring books that can be purchased in bookstores. But these notebooks are sometimes expensive, and children get tired quickly of the graphic repetitive of a notebook. An excellent solution is to print free coloring online, which can be found by the thousands on the internet. Mandalas, magic coloring, coloring with model, pixel art … You are spoiled for choice, and we guide you!

The internet offers a wide range of sites that give access to various designs. In our experience, girls but also boys like to color the heroes of the most popular movies and cartoons (Disney Princess, Tales of Ladybug, Frozen, Pokemon, Paw Patrol …). In addition, you can print thousands of coloring drawings and it’s free!

Fnona offers hundreds of coloring pages to print in black and white in A4 format. This coloring page is regularly updated and  are added every month. In addition to classic coloring such as Christmas coloring, Halloween, Easter or coloring Valentine’s Day, are available also from this page, many coloring animals and / or characters. They are available from this day as a free download in pdf format.

Indeed, Fnona is currently preparing coloring books for each category to offer children the ability to print several colorings at one time. These coloring books are in pdf format and open in a new browser window. It is therefore possible to print all the colorings or to select a particular coloring of the category.

Importantly, these coloring books to download in pdf format are of course completely free.

You think that the drawing is reserved for the others or for a minority?

In reality, this is an excuse that one gives oneself, because everybody can learn to draw with a good method. The talent is not innate, he acquires himself. Moreover, the great Pablo Picasso himself said. Some children may have certain predispositions (especially as regards motivation in reality) that allows them to take a little advance on their peers, but it is very easy to catch up with them by learning the basics of drawing.

Father Christmas # 6
Father Christmas # 5
Father Christmas # 4
Father Christmas # 3
Father Christmas # 2
Father Christmas # 1
birthday cake
Princess Aurora & Christmas
Mickey Mouse # 1
Tinker Bell # 4
Tinker Bell # 3
Tinker Bell # 2
Tinker Bell # 1
Cat Valentine
Cat # 4
Barbie Princess And Cat
Cute Cat 2
Cat woman
Cat # 1
An Owl to print and color
Doodle to color
Adult mask coloring
Fish to color
Coloring of a panther's head

Drawing classes for all

Developed skills

Drawing is a more complex activity than it seems. To draw, your child uses different skills that contribute to his development.

  • He uses motor skills (movement control) to hold the pencil, direct it on the paper and control his gesture.
  • He uses perception skills: it is because he perceives space and forms well that he gradually manages to organize his drawing and, later, to copy lines and geometric shapes.
  • The tactile perception (touch) allows your child to feel the chalk in his hand and to exert a good pressure on the paper, without tearing it.
  • Drawing also requires cognitive skills (knowledge) since your child reproduces, in images, what he knows about the world. His drawings can also become a way of expressing his emotions and feelings.